97% of consumers use the internet to find a local business. Most businesses have an online presence through social media, a website, or a combination of both. As an entrepreneur the competition is fierce in getting consumer attention.

Studies show that when an owner of a company uses a headshot that suits her brand on social media and on the company website, consumers are more likely to trust the company and to buy from that company.

An up-to-date headshot will give your business a personal touch

Having a good portrait of yourself and your staff on your ‘about us’ page (or even on your homepage), allows your potential guests to see who they’re going to work with ahead of time; it also adds a personal touch to your business.

Having an up-to-date headshot, instead of using an old photo when you looked younger, is important so as not to mislead your potential clients. It’s also important to have a new photo taken if you’ve changed your look significantly.

It’s standard to update your photo every one to two years.

Makes your online presence look more professional

Consistency is key in business. When you use one headshot throughout all of your online outlets it looks professional and well put together; you have a solid presence from one platform to the next where people can easily recognize you and connect you to your business.

Having headshots with several different looks for each of your online outlets can be distracting and your business can appear disjointed. Especially if each of your photos were taken at different times in your life, with different backgrounds, and with outfits that are trendy or don’t match your industry.

Your face is your company brand

Branding goes deeper than a catchy logo and tagline. Branding your business helps differentiate your product or service from other companies. Most people are emotional buyers. So in essence, you’re building an emotional connection with your customers to create brand loyalty.

When people see a photo of you they’re forming a first impression in less than a second. Scientific evidence proves that focusing on human faces, and showcasing photos of real employees, creates a sense of trustworthiness with the brand; and smiling faces have been proven to increase conversions.

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