Giving Space and Showing Grace

I was interviewed last week by my friend Chrysta Baire for an article she wrote in celebration of International Women’s Day on her blog Live Love Work. There was one question she asked that got me thinking, “How can women better support each other?”

I feel it all comes down to understanding that life isn’t a competition as to who’s busier, who’s accomplishing more, who’s doing more for her family, or who’s running to the most sporting events with her children. We are all busy. Our lives are full. We are unique individuals who need and want different things out of life, and we build our individual lives to fulfill those needs and wants. There’s no reason to one up each other. We need to give space and show grace—to ourselves and to other women.

We can become better support systems for one another by holding each other’s hands, lending an ear, and showing compassion in knowing we are walking similar paths and dealing with similar struggles in life. We can hold each other up and celebrate in one another’s differences and accomplishments.

We can work harder to be kind to one another. You never know what a person going through at any given moment. We are all winging it through this one life and we are all doing the best we can.

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